Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why Start This Blog?

Yet another blog begins.

What (is the blog about)?

I am a thinker.  I can't help but think really hard about things.  It's generally more of a curse, but folks like to pay me for thinking, so I am a functional thinker.

It's not just simple curiosity either, because I can blow off all sorts of unknown things if they are not pertinent to my current train of thought.  In fact, when the thinking gets rolling, it can be quite consuming.  I can very easily slip into "absent-minded professor" mode, feverishly pursuing a goal or concept.  This is not just limited to ideas, but, for this venue, thoughts are going to be the focus.

The thoughts I do pursue tend to be about a wide variety of topics of interest. I can become very focused on a thought and pursue it with a passion, even if I am not normally an enthusiast.  It's sort of like a very intense and short-lived "geeking out" on a specific topic. Hence, "binge thinking".

I guess you could call it a meme sprint, borrowing from the world of agile development, with a smidgen of poetic license, or perhaps a geek spasm, for comic relief.

The goal of this blog is to not only provide a venue for writing about my thoughts, but also, hopefully, to present information and observations that could be useful to others.  For me, this is nothing new; back when I first dipped my toe into the internet, it was to create web pages that were essentially a multi-faceted FAQ covering topics raised by friends, family, and my own random thoughts.

I maintained a popular blog for a hobby for a few years and came to appreciate the value of blog posts and their potential to contribute in a positive way, as opposed to simply creating noise or a cult of personality.  Here we go!

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