Sunday, April 19, 2015

Focus T25, Week 2 - Restless

The second week of Focus T25 is complete!  Another week, another week of observations.

This Week in T25

The workouts don't change, but the order does.  The six workouts are:
  • Cardio - lots of jumping and hopping around
  • Speed 1.0 - jumping and hopping around, but faster
  • Total Body Workout - the only workout with any significant upper body work
  • Ab Intervals - very focused on core work
  • Lower Leg Focus - Lots of static and dynamic squat and lunge moves
  • Stretch - a stretch routine akin to an intermediate yoga workout
This week, the order was:
  • Monday - Cardio
  • Tuesday - Total Body Circuit
  • Wednesday - Speed 1.0
  • Thursday - Cardio (again)
  • Friday - Lower Focus & Ab Intervals
  • Sunday - Stretch

No Breaks This Week

This week, I was able to power through without pausing to stretch, but at times it was challenging.

Concerns About Inadequate Rests Cycles Continues

By Thursday, I noticed a distinct muscle fatigue in my legs.  This was not surprising, given the first week's experience, but it was different.  It felt deeper and more consistent with inadequate rest as opposed to just working hard or muscles tightening up.

As a result, I opted to split the two workouts on Friday into one Friday and one Saturday.

Onward to week 3...

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