Friday, May 24, 2013

Trying Out NetBeans Integrated Development Environment, Part 2

OK, time to start using it...

I fired up NetBeans and learned that it thinks of things in terms of "Projects".  It gave me multiple choices and, frankly, I had no idea which made the most sense.  I was a bit uncertain at first, but I selected a "PHP application" project and clicked "Next"...

Choice - Version of PHP? I went with the latest version they had 5.4  I hope it's enough.

Choice - Metadata separate or no? An interesting feature is that NetBeans was willing to let me save my metadata in a different location than the rest of my files.  I pondered doing that, but decided I would go "all in" on this first try.

I gave it my remote connection info and tested it - Success! I chose to have it upload files on save, so that I don't have to worry about the current files on the site being outdated.

Off to the races!

Houston, We Have a Problem - Upload on Save Not Working

So I decided to start out easy and create a very primitive script to run phpinfo.  Well, immediately I had a problem in that it could not upload the files, as desired.

I opened up the Project Properties and looked at the Run Configuration and saw that the defaults for Upload Directory and Project URL were off.  Upload directory had the project name, that is not what I want.  Cleared that.  The project URL was wrong too.  Fixed them...

Still no luck.

Checked FTP settings.  All looks good.  Test still results in successful connection.

:-( also not working...WTF?

Oh, God, is it the bloody VPN again?  Turned off VPN.

Dreamweaver works.

Uploading files from NetBeans works...file is too high in the directory on the site...fixing Upload Directory.  Hel-lo Goldilocks, that's just right!

Hooray!  I can start working now! :-D

Lesson learned: Even if the FTP test works, fire up a separate FTP access to verify as you go that you are using the correct parameters and writing to the correct place.


The highest version of PHP that NetBeans offers me is 5.4, which begs the question, what version is my host running?  Well, as you know, phpinfo is the way to answer that turns out it is 5.4.11.  OK, good to go.

How in the HELL Do I add a Folder?

OK, so time to get to work and I want to muck about with test files, so let's create a new folder.

Right Click my main folder...umm, nothing for folder creation.  Check the other menu tabs...nothing.

Searching the interwebs...A-ha!  Hmm, you have to pick "Other"...and then "Other"...and THEN "Folder".  Wow, I guess NetBeans people don't care much for folder creation or they *really* like subcategories.

OK, So, In Practice, What Do I Think?

Not bad.  I like their syntax prompts and hints, for the most part.  Honestly, they feel a bit like an overbearing mother, but Dreamweaver felt like an absent parent.  So, NetBeans is definitely worth trying and try it I will.

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