Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Adventures in LASIK - The Day Before

That is a crappy picture of my left eye, but it will do.  Tomorrow, my eyes get zapped.

I have done just about all of the pre-op stuff.  I have put in steroid* and antibiotic eye drops four times today...spacing the drops out so they don't wash one another out and diminish the therapeutic effect.

* - Hopefully that doesn't mean my eyes will have tiny testicles now.

I read ahead to the post-op stuff, which motivated me to pick up some some Refreshe artificial tears.  I am going to need to put them in every 30 minutes tomorrow and Friday, when I am awake.  I went all out and got the individually bottled doses because, hey, I am not going to cheap out on my eyes.

I have my ride all lined up.  You need a ride back since your eyes have been zapped and you are probably groggy from a sedative.  Oh, and that whole keeping your eyes closed as much as possible for 4 hours afterwards thing (to facilitate healing); that probably does not go well with driving.

I was a good boy and did my Friday weight-lifting this evening since I am not supposed to lift weights for at least one day after the procedure.

There is still some residual anxiety about the procedure, but it's minimal.  I am very much of the school that worrying is not a good thing, either accept the situation or do something.  And since the only thing I can really do is follow my patient instructions, show up, lay still, and then follow more instructions; that is what I will do.  Anxiety will not focus the laser beam and god forbid that I am anxious and pass that along to them.  I need them frosty and cool as they fry my cornea.

Now for the final prep for tonight - soaking, scrubbing, and cleaning my eyelids and eyelashes.  I hope they turn out real purty.

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