Sunday, April 27, 2014

iPhone 5 to Galaxy S5: Why the Switch?

Why the Switch?

1. Software

I have been using iPhones for about seven years.  In that time, I have used the iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, and 5.  While I liked the iPhones, I have increasingly found myself wanting to use Google software products.  Chiefly, I use Gmail, Chrome, Music Manager, and Google Maps.  There are other applications I use in lieu of iOS defaults that further exacerbate this.  Unfortunately, iOS wants me to use their native applications and I have grown weary of it, so much so that I am willing to gamble on a new device and tackle the hurdles of changing seven years of habits.

2. Curiosity

I have always been a technophile and I have spent most of the last decade as a technology strategist.  I enjoy learning new things and I would like to know firsthand, in detail, what it is like to use an Android phone.  This is not so much a driver to change as much as a mitigation for what might otherwise be concern at switching platforms.

3. Interesting Features of S5

I have heard/read good things about, or am simply intrigued by exploring, the following:
  • S Voice
  • Water proof/resistant to 1m
  • Configurability/customizability
  • More Google-friendly functionality
  • Better support for letting me choose what apps should be my default
  • Remarkably greater choice in memory up to 160 GB, as opposed to the 64 GB cap

4. Competitor Maturation

Frankly, the market has great options.  I feel like smartphones have reached that point, like PCs vs. Macs, where both options are great and roughly equally capable in providing the basics, bringing the choice more to taste.  Apple makes a great product, but given a choice of equally capable technologies, I would favor customizability.

The "it just works" approach is great for many users, but that inherently depends on constraints on customization.  It's not my preference.  However, until recently, I did not feel that the competitor's devices were good enough.  Now I do.

5. No Fiscal Barrier

The vendors are smart when it comes to making it painless/easy to get a phone.  I just have to pay the sales tax and then a tiny amount a month, and there is no interest charged on the amount.

So, I Switched

So, I decided to make the switch and I will try and capture my observations as I go for my friends that might be considering the same.

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