Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Adventures in LASIK - The Preliminary Evaluation

OK, fired up for the potential of the new, bladefree and seemingly super safe LASIK technology, last week I went to the nearby Tylock LASIK, in Irving Texas.

Why Tylock?

Excellent question.  There are some serious marketing dollars being tossed around in this area and it is hard to wade through the interwebs to an island of clarity.
  • Of the big local names, they had the best Angie's List ratings and reports by far.
  • Their staff was flawlessly responsive and gave great customer service
  • By contrast, another big name place took a week just to return my call
  • It didn't mean a lot to me, but it didn't hurt that they were the official provider for three local professional sports teams (Stars, Rangers, Mavericks)
  • Tylock's credentials, record, and experience
  • The nifty state of the art technology they use (granted, the other big name places were probably similar)
Yay!  A Schedule for People With Jobs

Right off the bat, I was quite happy that they had later times so I could go in after work.  Very nice.

Bright Lights

Ah, my old nemesis, really bright lights shining in my eyes.  They had a number of devices there to do all sorts of measurements on my eyes.  It was all pretty tolerable and quick.  Then it was on to a regular old eye exam.

Which is Clearer, A or B?

Nothing new in the eye exam.  It went quickly and smoothly.  All signs pointed to me being a great candidate for LASIK.  So I took the option they earlier provided to move right into the detailed exam.

Big Pupils, Small Mouth*

* - a joke for any fellow anime fans.

This is where it got uncomfortable for me, but probably funny for the casual observer.  They put drops in my eyes to dilate them and waited 15 minutes.  Then the kind, young attractive lady doctor from before revealed that she was actually trained in "enhanced interrogation".  Oh my freaking god, THE LIGHT!  I hate the whole light in the eyeball thing as it is, but she was going to town.

Now, the good news is that she was being thorough and I like being able to see well, so that is a good thing.  The bad news is OMG THE LIGHT!

It must have been a sight to behold, me struggling to keep my eyes open while tears streamed down my cheeks (it's what eyes do in the presence of THE LIGHT!).

OK, I jest.  All in all, it wasn't that bad.  Definitely a bit of discomfort, but not fantastically more than I experience in every routine eye exam when they break out THE LIGHT!

I stepped outside, waited for maybe ten minutes, and then a gentleman chatted about the pre-op, peri-op, and post-op activities.  Oh, and price.  LASIK still ain't cheap.  Armed with prescriptions, instructions, and the nifty little disposable shades they gave me...I drove off into the night.

My appointment would be eight days hence...

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